Best of Baran...

The CLub OnLine... FOr PEopLe Of BaRaN, RaJAsthAN.

About The Club 'Best of Baran'

Best of Baran is now a large online community of more than 2250 members.

All Baran's people are invited to join Best of Baran.

The main aim behind foundation of the club is entertainment, networking, public announcements, awareness & social support in district. People of any age group can utilize BOB & It's facilities.

We invite all the people of Baran to work with us in our mission to make our district better. We keep  you updated about city activities and cultural fests.

 ♦ We also provide technical support in computing  common queries. You can visit Best of Baran Technical Website Here.

♦  We've got a large number of students and professional of different fields in our club. Thus it's a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for students for their career guidance and problem solving.

♦  Abusing and flirting is strictly prohibited in our club. All the members must maintain decent environment in club. All the members must pay respect to fellow members. Complains against behavior of any member of the club can be simply mailed to :  .

♦ As we know networking is an important factor in everyone's life style now days so BOB provides an ultimate platform for networking in entire district. All divisions of Baran eg: Kishanganj, Chhabra, Anta, Chhipabarod etc has been included in BOB.
♦ Club is rapidly increasing it's facilities for people. It's 100 % to join the club. Please visit here to join the club.

♦ Future plans of Best of Baran are interesting and will be updated on website soon.

Everyone can utilize this opportunity and this club. It freely depends on you that how do you utilize the club and it's facilities.

Visit our Frequently Asked Question's document here.

About Project BOB

We're glad to inform you about new feature launching in club  - Project BOB.

Under this feature several questions will be asked to club members using the 'Questions' facility of facebook. Questions under this project will be in search of 'What id BEST in BARAN ? ' eg: 'Which is best private hospital in Baran ? ' or 'Which is best school in Baran ?' . Answers will be decided  by votes and the result will be displayed on website and promoted by club. It'll help us in finding out most trusted things in Baran by citizens. It'll be useful in selecting one trust worthy among many options.

Who own the club ?? 

Club 'Best of Baran' was initially founded by Ashish Agarwal in form of a facebook group on 28 December 2010 with 23 members.
With support of club members and interest of people the club become popular and the name 'Best of Baran' became familiar for Baran's public. Now we're more than 2250 members in club.
Another admin of the club is- 

Kavita Agarwal.

We are looking for more co-admins to work with us. If you are interested in this then simply mail us to : .

History of 'Best of Baran'